About Us

about us

Sewing Pearl

Hi all… We are Rita & Robert, owners of the Pearl Alterations In Letterkenny!
We are always happy to meet new people and love to know every of our customers and neighbours.

It was a long time dream of ours to establish local business close to our home and provide best services to every person who visits us. We really do what we love and enjoy applying our combined experience in running the shop!

Pearl Alterations is our unique creation offering specialists clothes alterations services, Debs and Bridal Wear, Casual or Formal. We also create and produce a natural linen products for your home!

For linen products visit  our website

We hope that everyone will be happy with our services and will come back as often as they need!

services we provide

We specialise in apparel sewing, repairs, reworks and design! 

We can help guide you through the entire process from idea to actual sample and final production.

Sewing Perl is one of a few companies in Sewing industry willing to work with small and start-up companies in apparel design, development and production.

There is no project too small or too big!

we're here to help!

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